Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Josiah's Baptism

Josiah was baptised this past Sunday... I don't have all the pics but couldn't resist posting a couple. :)

Sometimes he seems so serious it is hard to believe what a little giggler he is. I dressed him in a hanbok (traditional Korean dress) for his baptism. This outfit is made for a one year old... and Josiah is not even four months old yet!

Josiah was very excited about the big day! :)

Jared was pretty excited too and asked several times if he could have a baptism too! He doesn't remember being baptised the same weekend 2 yrs ago when he was six months old. :) After Pastor Glenn sprinkled the holy water on Josiah, Jared almost succeeded in attaining a second baptism!

Here is Josiah during the actual ceremony... As you can see through the window it was a perfect day for his baptism!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Josiah's Baek-Il

We recently had Josiah's Baek-Il (or 100 day) celebration! Baek-Il is a Korean tradition on the 100th day after a child’s birth to celebrate that the infant has survived this important milestone. Traditionally, the purpose is to give thanks and pray for the child to have many blessings.

Alot of loving care went into preparing a table of "bounty" to represent future blessings for Baby Josiah!

Josiah dressed in a han-bok and joined everyone for the celebration!

Here he is in a traditional pose, ready for family photos!

Here is a close up of a very patient "Baby Siah" waiting for all the adults to get it together! :)

After seeing Josiah in his han-bok, Jared insisted upon being able to wear his as well. Josiah examined his big brother's outfit closely before giving his approval! :)