Monday, January 30, 2006

Disaster Averted

A recent excerpt from The Jared Letters:

For the first time today, you were almost seriously hurt.

I went to lunch with a friend and we decided to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air. I thought you would especially enjoy it given that we have been experiencing Florida's version of winter and you've spent alot of time indoors recently. After lunch was over, I began the new parent's rather cumbersome preparations to leave the restaurant, packing up your diaper bag, getting your stroller ready, etc. You were sitting up in my lap playing with anything within your grasp when suddenly you bucked and hurled your body backwards off my lap. Because of your growing independence and your profound confidence in the safety of your world, you thrust your little body from mom's lap and landed on the cold, hard concrete.

I am not sure who cried louder... you from your sheer terror from the fall or me from my absolute despair at the possibility that you could be physically hurt. Miraculously, thankfully, you were unharmed. My unspeakable fears were not realized and I was overcome with a feelng of gratitude that you will only understand when you have children of your own.

As big and as strong as you are becoming, when I recall the sight of your tiny body on that concrete sidewalk, my entire body cringes in fear and agony. Tears come to my eyes even now.

As you begin to master all the skills and milestones of a baby your age, I must ask myself... how can I help you thrive and grow AND yet shield you from as many bad landings as possible? I imagine this is a question I will grapple with for years to come. For now, I will simply hold your tiny, warm, fragile body close for as long as I can... and relish the reprieve we received today.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

quote of the week: geisha

"I am so glad you bought me that book, because I thought a geisha was a princess."

lesson 1

Lesson 1: Write one compelling sentence.

Please follow these rules:

* It should be the first sentence of a story you’d like to write.
* It should make the reader eager to read more.
* It can be fiction or nonfiction.
* Do not try to tell the whole story in one sentence.
* It doesn’t have to be long or wordy to be compelling. “Call me Ishmael.”
* Don't overthink.


After browsing through a number of very odd, sometimes interesting, sometimes frightening blogs, I found a blog by the Phantom Professor who offered an online writing workshop and I thought it might be fun to do some of the lessons here at my leisure.

Here is a link to the phantomprof's blog:

Monday, January 09, 2006

Jared's first Christmas

Christmas this year was perfection. Jared was still too young to have any real sense of what was going on around him, but he had a delightful time being showered with affection by loved ones--sometimes from very close up!

Although he enjoyed playing with the various music-making, light-blinking, song-singing, jingly, bouncy toys he was given, his favorite source of entertainment remained shiny, crinkly, sparkly wrapping paper.

I can say emphatically that it was definitely my most blessed Christmas ever.