Thursday, June 29, 2006

Our Lil SuperHero

"I may be 'Clark Kent' by day...."

"But I am superman by night...!"

"I can't quite leap buildings in a single bound..."

" But I am definitely taking those first steps toward doing so!"

who needs a thumb?

Jared has never had much use for pacifiers or even thumb-sucking. He always had his own unique way of comforting himself.... very much connected to Mom. One touch from mom and the pinkie goes right in his mouth... (yep, backwards!)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Park Debacle

"Mom and Dad decided to take me to the park this afternoon because the weather was pretty nice. I can't actually do much by myself, but Mom really wanted to take me to the park before she goes back to teaching this summer."

"It LOOKS like Dad is teaching me to ride a bike, but really he is just making sure I don't fall off this funny-bouncy-airplane-thing!"

"The swing was actually one thing that I WAS able to do! It was a little awkward, but it was pretty fun when Mom and Dad took turns pushing me. There was a 2 year old girl half my size on the swing next to me who made me look like a novice swinger, but you give me a little time and I will out-swing all those kids! For now, I'm just going to hold on real tight if you don't mind..."

"Obviously I couldn't slide down any of the slides by myself so Dad took me down one slide. Apparently I am going to like this a whole lot some day, but for now I just felt sort of squished."

"Here is one of the things that Mom made me do that I didn't quite understand... Am I supposed to climb this thing?? I don't THINK so! Can't mom tell by my curling toes that I am not so comfortable on this contraption? But I will do anything for my mommy..."

"Okay Mom, I have indulged your need to take me to the park and torture me on various colorful devices... are you happy now?"

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting

"Well, mom and dad decided to go to dinner tonight for their 9 year anniversary and left me home with Aunt JoJo and Aunt Mer-Mer to babysit me. This is only the second time they have gone to dinner without me since I was born 11 months ago, so I decided to let them go have a good time. "
"The first thing that Aunt JoJo and Aunt Mer-Mer tried to do was show me how to write with this pink highlighter."
"Apparently I developed excellent penmanship in the 3 hours that mom and Dad were gone! I wrote a happy anniversary note to mom and dad, a happy father's day note to dad and an early happy birthday note to mom! Aren't I impressive?"

"Auntie Doctor Mer-Mer carried me around and played fun games with me. I am going to miss her when she moves away this summer!"
"Auntie Doctor Jo-Jo read me stories from my favorite storybook and I started to get very sleepy... I am going to miss her too! Why is everyone moving away?"
"Wait... what's that sound? Is that the door?"

"As much fun as I had with my "aunties" while mom and dad were gone, I am so happy to have my parents home! You can't see much in this photo, but you can see my happy family!"

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Soapy Samurai

"Dad is at it again!!!"

"Tonight.... I am a SAMURAI! HAHA! (I'm startin' to have fun with all this-- every night's bath is an adventure!)"

P.S. Halmonee, I hope you feel better!

You can't see but....

Jared cut his first two (bottom) teeth this weekend!!! You can't see them unless he smiles really big because they are JUST beginning to break through, but you can definitely FEEL them! (And it only took 10 1/2 months, haha.) They were slow to arrive (his younger cousin had six teeth last month) but here they come!

Our Lil' Rascal

"Hey Dad, are you sure that this shampoo is 'no more tears'?"

" We are having fun, but I'm scared to open my eyes."

"Hmmm... so I am testing the waters, here... ok, so far so good!"

"Haha, apparently this "no more tears" stuff DOES work! I feel great! Thanks Dad!"

"Anyway, once again, Dad is having fun messing with my hair. Apparently this time he did my hair like some kid named Alfalfa... I don't know who he is but mom and dad think it's really funny!"

Friday, June 02, 2006


Jared and I have a game that we play where we go back and forth giving each other raspberries on each other's cheeks. He waits for me to give him one, laughs delightedly and then returns the favor when it is his turn. Moments like these are the sweet gifts that make the long hours and sleepless nights so forgettable.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Our Punk Rock Baby

"Well, today mom and dad thought it would be fun to style my hair in a mohawk. Personally, I am indifferent but my grandparents desperately want me to get a haircut."

"As you can see, Dad is pretty excited. I'm not sure if he is more excited about the mohawk or because 'chicks dig me'." :)

"Here is a side view of my new-do!"

"And here is the other side... I think mom and dad are just trying to hide all the hair that I lost on the sides!"

"Mom and dad are also pretty excited because I started waving 'hi' and 'bye' this week. I have secretly known how to wave for awhile but sometimes I hold out to tease them!"

"I am also trying to run around these days... If mom and dad are not available, I use the furniture to cruise around."


1. Thanks and a big shout out to Auntie TOYA for the "Chicks dig me" shirt. Very very funny.

2. Dalvin has been dying to style Jared's hair in a mohawk-- beware other interesting hairstyles to come!

3. As you can see in a few of the photos, Jared now waves "hi" and "bye". It's pretty funny-- like all kids Jared knows when things make mom and dad happy, and he will sometimes wave for five minutes straight. He is also starting to understand what "uh-oh" means and will say so when he or mom or dad drops something.

4. Jared is desperately trying to walk and it is currently his preferred mode of transportation. If he could stand and/or walk all day long, he would be happy. It is both exciting and terrifying as we spend alot more time preventing injury! :)