Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jared's First Day of School (June 2008)

This summer Jared started preschool at the school on my campus... I have been so delayed in posting pictures lately, but I saved these pictures of his first day of school to eventually post.

When Jared started school, we were still living in Gainesville, so we had to wake him up earlier than usual to get him to school on time after a 2 hour commute! As you can see he was still very sleepy when Daddy carried him to the car.

He struggled to wake up for one farewell picture, but wasn't very successful! :)

Once we arrived on campus, Jared was very excited to carry his own lunchbox and wear his new backpack!
Before going to school, Jared wanted to stop in Mom's office. My office is about 2 minutes walking distance from Jared's school. Part of our daily ritual is to go on a campus walk when I pick him up every day-- ending back at my office where he has a snack while I wrap up my day and pack up for home.

He wasn't even 3 years old when he started school this summer, but he looks FIVE in this picture!

Jared wanted me to take a picture of his backpack. :)

This is the last stretch before arriving at Jared's school.

When we arrived at his school, he rushed right in and dropped his bags in the middle of the floor.

One of his teachers showed him his personal cubby-- where he keeps his backpack, a family photo and sheets and a pillowcase for naptime.

One of Jared's favorite corners of the classroom is the full kitchen. He has prepared many a pretend meal for me in that kitchen!

Here he is sitting down in his class for the first time!

Ms. Heidi is about to do Music Time with the kids.

Jared was still a bit unsure about this new environment! This was the last picture I took before leaving him for the day! I can't tell you how difficult this was for me at first. I took comfort in the fact that he seemed very comfortable and that I could peek in the glass windows at ANY time during my day to make sure he was okay!

When I went back to pick Jared up in the afternoon, he and his new friends had been outside playing and he was busy drinking a glass of water.
Jared loves his water! More please!

He was happy to see Mommy after a hard day at school! :)

Here Jared is showing me some of the toys on the "baby side" of the school. Jared is on the toddler side.

After leaving, he declared that he loved his first day of school and sometimes he still asks me to tell him the story of his first day of school.

He promptly turned to begin what would become a longstanding ritual-- our afternoon walk around our very pretty campus. We always chat about the day and often stop at the vending machine for an afternoon snack and some raspberry tea. I LOVE having him so close to me every day and he has a wonderful director at his school who gives me SUCH peace of mind!