Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Baby Shower for Josiah

This weekend, several of Mommy's closest friends (Donni, Latoya, and Veronica) threw us a baby shower for the impending arrival of Baby Josiah. :)

This is the cool cake that Auntie Veronica ordered to match the safari theme in Josiah's room.

Apparently Mommy is supposed to freeze this little cake until Josiah's first birthday... I thought it was for ME! :)

Here I am contemplating exactly what this baby brother thing means... so he is going to live with us? And I have to share everything with him? Including Mommy and Daddy...? Hmmm....

But I get to play with him too?! Sounds good to me!!!! :)

Hey... guess what, Jordyn? Mommy says I am going to have a baby brother! Another kid for us to play with!!

Sarah and Micah are excited too-- they just got a new little sister recently and they say Baby Hannah is awesome!

All in all, I am pretty excited about this Big Brother thing! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You asked for it!

Okay, so I have had repeated requests for belly pictures... and as I approach the last month of this pregnancy, I realize:
#1. Pictures of me are far and few between this pregnancy
#2. I am HUGE!

I don't have any recent pics except several that I inadvertently took as I tried to take pictures of Jared on my lap. So here you go! :)