Sunday, July 30, 2006

Our Big Baby-Son

Well, Jared is almost 13 months old... he is growing up before our very eyes. He is walking much more confidently now, particularly when he is walking toward a cabinet he is not supposed to open, a soda he is not supposed to drink or a stack of papers or books he's not supposed to knock over! He is becoming much more independent in general, and although he still doesn't like it when Mom or Dad leave him to go to another room, HE will now leave US behind.

He learns new words EVERY day now. He is able to identify many things he can't say yet. He responds appropriately to "Where's your belly?!"and so forth with a point to his belly and lots of giggles.... Naturally he says Ma-Ma and Da-Da. Most of his favorite words start with "B" and even if they don't, he MAKES some of them start with a "B". A few favorites are blooon (balloon), ball, bite, BUP (up), bah-ee (boppy), bow! (rainbow), box (mailbox). He also loves to say "hi" repeatedly and with a slightly breathless southern drawl. He says "eye", usually accompanied by a poke in your eye to indicate he knows precisely what he is talking about. One of our new favorites is definitely "Ilubya" (I love you). He sometimes accompanies this with a kiss, followed by "MUAH", which is particularly endearing. He watches Sesame Street and says "Elmo"... the only character to really catch his attention so far. He also says "hello" when we play with the phones together (but never when his grandparents are ACTUALLY on the phone).

We were pleased to hear at his recent doctor's visit that he has advanced language development. Apparently most 15 month old babies have a 5-10 word vocabulary, so Jared is doing great!

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Penny, Dalvin and Jared

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Word for the Day = Gog

Well, Jared is learning new words every day and the word for today is "gog" (translated-- "dog"). He walks around the house chasing Babu saying "gog--gog--gog...".

Everyone always asks how Jared does with the dogs (2 lovable pit bulls, Qtip and Baby), so I thought I would post a pic. Basically, they are fairly oblivious to Jared for the most part, but he is fascinated by them. He LOVES petting Babu whenever he is within reach.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Eye Doctor

"Last week I went for my one year- eye check up. While we waited for my eye examination, Dad read me a story to keep me entertained."

"Naturally I got restless after awhile and felt the need to explore the room... uh no, Mom, I'm not doing anything naughty..."

"Hmm.... I wonder what's in here?"

"Oh wait, look, Mom and Dad! I see a prescription pad here! I can take care of this myself... we don't have to wait for the eye doctor!"

"Okay, fine Dad, if I can't play in the drawers and cabinets, then you have to read me another story!"
"After awhile, Nurse Tammy examined my eyes to see whether they are improving. She is so nice!"
"Nurse Tammy and Doctor L agreed that the glasses are helping my eyes, so I will keep wearing them for now. Hopefully they will be able to begin to wean me off glasses some time next year!"

Monday, July 24, 2006

Jared's One Year Pics

Finally at 1 year old, Jared has decided to start smiling for his portraits! Okay, well most of the time! :)

And here he is in his hanbok (traditional Korean outfit)....

Friday, July 21, 2006

All in All...

"I don't have alot of experience with parties, but they seem to be pretty great! I got to spend time with tons of people who love me! I got tons of cool books, toys, clothes and empty boxes! I got to dance and laugh and play tons! I got to eat my first birthday cake.... okay, so that part wasn't so great! Nonetheless, I couldn't be more grateful for a wonderful day!"

"Now that the festivities are over, I think I will go ponder the events of my first year and set some goals for Year 2."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

So Much Birthday Love

"My birthday was a wonderful day, full of love from so many family and friends. Many came for my birthday party, some blessed us with unexpected visits. All in all, it was a perfect day. Thank you everyone!"

" My Halmonee and Papa came from Jacksonville for my big day! "

"Uncle Ron and Aunt Laurel looked great for the party!"

"Cousin Micah also came from Jacksonville to celebrate with us!"

"Cousin Sarah always makes time to spend with me!"

"Of course Aunt Tesa (Ju-Ju)came from NYC and my Ni-Ni came from Atlanta for my birthday party !"

"Uncle Danny Boy came by for the big day too!"

"Auntie Kim drove up from St. Petersburg..."

"Naturally Aunt Jodi and Uncle John were here for the big day! She hasn't moved to Miami yet!"

"Auntie Doctor Mer-Mer has already left Gainesville in preparation for her move to New York, but she came back to visit for my birthday! "

"Aunt Marisa was present for my special day..."

"Even though Donovan was napping when they arrived, he woke up so that he and his mom Mia were able stay and party with us!! "

"Kate and Shauna also came to celebrate with us..."

"Aunt Lydia also came to join in the festivities!"

"Aunt Shelley and Jordyn (my girlfriend) stopped by to say hello and visit with friends."

"Mommy wanted a picture of all the kids at the party... Cousins Micah and Sarah had already left when we took this picture! Isn't everyone adorable?"

Gifts from the heart

Mommy and Jared had a blast opening all the birthday gifts from loved ones, but whenever Jared seemed tired, cousin Micah was more than happy enough to join in and help!

(Please note the Christmas wrapping paper! Haha, I won't reveal the phantom Christmas wrapper!)

Everyone watched with baited breath to see what Jared was opening!

Mommy also read Jared's birthday cards to him and he listened intently... This Winnie the Pooh card was from his Halmonee and Papa.
This choo choo train from Aunt Lottie and Uncle Richard was a big hit with all the kids!

Everyone loved the Elmo outfit!!

Micah and Jared were both pretty excited about the toy piano! (Or is Jared about to sneeze?)

But like most kids, Jared often had as much fun with the boxes as with the gifts themselves!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Everybody loves birthday cake.... right?

"Mommy ordered a big Winnie the Pooh cake for everyone and a miniature version all for me! I am not sure why or what I am supposed to do with it, but everybody else seems excited about cake!"

"Apparently this is a big deal because Dad has me suitin' up!"

"Here comes Mom with my cake... what exactly am I supposed to do with it? What is everyone else doing?"

"Dad tried to help get me started by putting my hand in the cake and now Mom is trying to spoonfeed me this stuff, but to be honest, I am just not interested!"

"What is the easiest way to get this stuff OUT of my mouth?"

"Apparently Mom and Dad are now excited that I am not that into sugary sweet things. My question then is.... why did you try to feed me a WHOLE CAKE?"

"Can I take this thing off now? I am DONE!"

"See these balloons? Balloons are what I like! Balloons-- NOT cake! I will take TWO of these to GO! Thanks!"

"Whew, this whole cake eating fiasco has me EXHAUSTED! What could possibly be NEXT?"