Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jared's First NBA Game!

As part of our fun-filled family weekend, Donni got us tickets to see the Hawks-Phoenix game, so Jared was able to attend his very first NBA game! (It actually turned out to be a very close game, too.) We arrived at the game early so we were able to relax before the game started. Jared was particularly snuggly at the game, maybe because of the overwhelming amount of stimuli (music, lights, crowd noise, etc) but he had a BLAST. He is very into dancing right now and had fun dancing in the aisle until the game started. After the game, Ni-Ni took us behind the scenes. Jared particularly enjoyed playing in the dancers locker room!

As always, Dad is WAY more excited! Jared had alot of fun though.

Here Jared is playing with the 2 of the MANY thunder sticks that his Ni-Ni sent up for him. (He is still playing them now-- he has 2 in the car, 2 in his room, 2 in his playroom, LOL).

As you can see, Jared is VERY cuddly. He would periodically press his face against Dad's face. Needless to say, Dad found this very endearing.

And finally, here is Jared playing in the dance teams locker room. Given his current love of climbing into spaces, he had a great time!

Snuggle Time

This weekend we took a family trip to visit Jared's godmother and my best friend, Donni, AKA "Ni-ni" (pronounced Nee-Nee). After a yummy dinner at the Melting Pot, we went back to Donni's house and hung out slumber-party style. I had to post the first series of pictures of Jared in complete bliss rolling around in Donni's bed eating a candy cane (one of his FAVORITE things in the world)!


"Is there ANYTHING better than being cozy in bed munching on a candy cane?"

"What, mom? Haven't you ever seen anyone enjoy a candy cane before?"

"Okay, maybe a snuggle with my Ni-Ni is just as good as my candy cane!"

"Hmm, or maybe a snuggle with Bailey in HIS bed!"

Monday, February 19, 2007


Because my drive to work is so long and I take Jared with me twice a week (to drop off at my mom's) I have a DVD player for him in the car to watch his favorite episodes of Diego, Elmo or Barney... here you see him relaxing on the way to Halmonee and Papa's house. All he needs is a remote control and a recliner...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Jared and I decided to take a weekend trip with a friend who just bought a lovely vacation home in Amelia Island. Although it was a bit chilly, it was a lovely crisp afternoon. The beach was absolutely gorgeous!

Jared's favorite beach activity is still digging in the sand, although this time he kept rubbing the sand on his face as though he was applying lotion. (Who knows why?) He didnt mind wading in the shallow pools but wouldn't actually walk in the "big water" as the kids referred to the waves rolling in. He was also pretty comical when his feet started to sink into the sludgy, squishy sand. He would sort of panic, squeal and run to me yelling, "Mama, Mama!" Thats one funny kid.

Here you see Jared taking a break from splashing with the other kids to ponder the meaning of life. :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Jared's New Passion

Jared now love-love-loves playing with legos... my parents bought him a huge bin of them for Christmas and he loves building things with them. My mom built this little "fort" for him and he sits in it like its a big easy chair... and yes, in this photo he is wearing my mom's fuzzy socks! :) He will find them and insist, "socks, socks, socks" until she lets him wear them!

A non-Jared post :)

When we got the new carpet put in, we also changed the entryway to the house-- here is a photo for those who are interested. :)