Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break 2007

We have had a family timeshare in Daytona for years that we never actually visited ourselves (i.e., we rented it out each year). This year we decided to take Jared and go check it out for a little family vacation. Jared loves the beach, so we thought he would enjoy it, and he had an amazing time!

Jared is extremely particular about the sand that he likes to walk on. He doesn't like the soft, mushy, dry sand by the shore OR the squishy, wet sand closer to the water and would ask to be picked up if he felt like his feet were sinking. The sand HAD to be firmly packed for him to stroll down the beach on his own. However, he would sometimes be distracted in his pursuit of the seagulls to forget the sand between his toes!

Even on his stroll with Dad you can see Jared looking down checking for the "squish factor."

For most of our visit the beach was deserted and gorgeous. We visited the beach twice a day every day during our trip... with only time for a nap in between trips to the beach. As you can see in this photo, Jared was exhausted but still did NOT want to leave his beloved beach. He could only be lured away by promises to splash in the heated pool and equally tempting promises to ride in the elevator (still pronounced "ele-gator).

As it was the end of bike week in Daytona, the city was overrun by motorcyclists which Jared found generally entertaining. We were headed for one of our walks on the beach when a friendly biker neighbor offered Jared the opportunity to sit on his first Harley. He instinctively tried to start the bike and almost succeeded! He enjoyed this way too much for Mom's liking!

On our last afternoon, Jared naturally took a few moments to gaze out at the ocean and reflect on our trip....

"Thanks, Mom and Dad! It's been a fabulous vacation! I am ready to head home now!~"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My First Video Attempt - Jared on Tumble Run

This makes me laugh EVERY time I watch it!