Thursday, May 10, 2007

Visiting My Cousins

"Recently we went to visit my cousins again. I always like to sit over in the breakfast nook, although I have gotten into my share of trouble exploring the foliage Aunt Laurel keeps on the table!"

"Cousin Micah let me ride the rocking horse! Very cool!"

"Hey Micah! I didn't see you back there!"

"Although, you can't tell in this photo, I really AM 2 years younger than Micah!"

"Sarah came in from playing with her friends in the neighborhood to say hi!"

"When it was time to go, Sarah, Micah, Sarah's friend and Auntie Toya snuck me away for a walk!"

"But then Mommy called me back... as you can see, I am not so thrilled about it!"

"I ran over to Mommy to see if I could sway her to join us for the walk, but she said we had to go home."

"So we said our goodbyes and headed back home!"

Teddy Love

Jared has only recently enjoyed snuggling with his teddy bears... Here you can see him snuggling with Teddy and Pooh.

And here he is giving Teddy a big goodnight kiss. "MUAH!"

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Introducing Cousin Hannah Jolie

"Wow, look, Halmonee and Papa.... Hannah is so tiny! I think she is smiling at me..."

Here are Grandma, Mom, Sarah and Baby Hannah...

Here is Micah, snuggling up with Mom and Hannah...

Little Hannah after her first bath...

And finally, a close up of Hannah Jolie...