Monday, March 09, 2009

Dragon Hunting at the Zoo!

This past Sunday, we had a family trip to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day and our zoo was having the premiere of the new Asian Bamboo Garden and the Komodo Dragon Exhibit. We haven't been able to schedule a family excursion in a minute, so this was the perfect opportunity. And to make it even more special, we were able to join Michelle's clan for dragon-hunting adventures!

The zoo was divided up into sections, many of which were based on continents and the animals that inhabit those areas. The first area (and the one where we spent the most time) was Africa.

Jared was very serious for most of the day, I felt like he was collecting data for a research paper!
I was really surprised at Josiah's fascination with the animals. He would eagerly point out animals that I hadn't seen or that he wanted to get a better view of!

Here is Jared peeking over the fence to catch a glimpse of the warthog!

Jared and Daddy posed for a picture in "Africa"...

Josiah spent the first half of the zoo trip eating his hamburger and pointing at various exhibits as though to ask-- "Did you see this one yet, Mom?"

One of the funniest things about the day was that Josiah wanted to tickle all the animals... Dalvin would pick him up the give him a better view and he would reach out saying, "Tickle, tickle!"

For some reason I love this picture of Dalvin and Jared...

Josiah excitedly pointed out the anteater to me!

Mommy and Jared paused to snuggle by the elephants!

After being trapped in the stroller for most of the day, Josiah was gleeful at being free! He is a little escape artist!

Dalvin showed Jared and Josiah the enormous koi (and various other fish) in the pond...

The kids are excitedly examining the big fish in this exhibit-- and as usual, I got a great shot of the back of their heads!

I cannot BELIEVE that Gabriel is taller than his mom!

As was the norm for the day, I took a lovely shot of the kids enjoying the Asian Bamboo garden.

The kids made a pitiful (and relatively unsuccessful) attempt to let me photograph their faces for once!

The kids watched the komodo dragons from a special kids-only viewing window-- and I watched them!


Jared and Josiah peered in at one of the komodo dragons...

Gabriel, Logan and Eden found a komodo dragon they could climb on. :)

Jared was obsessed with the zoo map and spent the second half of the zoo trip asking me to identify the symbols on the map and show him which way we were going on the map...

Jared REALLY wanted to pose for this picture with Eden, but he couldn't stop looking at the map even long enough to smile for the camera! Too busy navigating!

After a long day at the zoo, both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home... Jared continued his nap on the couch...

Josiah continued his nap in the bed... what a wonderful day!